MissPres 101 Places: Jackson Poll (The END Is Near!)

It was November 19, 2010, when I posted what I thought would be a fun somewhat off-beat Friday post, entitled “Miles to Go Before I Sleep.” Examining a new book I had bought called 1001 Buildings You Must See Before You Die, I counted up the number of places in the world I had been to (a mere 22) and took the liberty of adding a couple of places I thought should be on the list but which had been inexplicably left off. I also took issue with the fact that no Mississippi places had made the list, and several MissPresers jumped in with completely worthy buildings (Longwood, Waverly, etc.).

MissPres author W. White, perhaps much to his later chagrin, proposed that we build our own list, paring it down to 101 Mississippi Places to See Before You Die. This we began to do on the fateful day of December 3, 2010–is that 364 days ago, or 365?–with “Help Build a List of Required Mississippi Places,” a post which still holds the record by far for most number of comments, as MissPresers got to work suggesting their favorite places.

I had started the post worried that I might not get enough suggestions to reach 101 places, but before it was all over, we had almost 300 places to choose from. The problem then became how to pare down the list. We chose to break the list down into regions and poll each region separately throughout the year of 2011 (you can find links to all the polls and results on our master list page), and here we are today at our last poll, the Jackson Poll.

I can’t over-emphasize here how ad-hoc this process has been. We are historians, Jim, not pollsters! A statistician friend has volunteered to do a little number crunching at the end to help smooth out the resulting list, and I think for the most part, we will emerge with a strong list. Yes, it will be idiosyncratic, but I hope MissPres has enough personality to pull off a little idiosyncrasy and with verve.

As with all previous polls, I’ve given you the list with links and other information for you to peruse before scrolling down to the poll itself. You can choose up to twenty and then click “VOTE.” The poll will be open the standard two-week window, closing down Friday, December 16, 2011 at or about midnight, depending on when I shuffle off to bed. Once these final results are in, we’ll send it to our statistician and get the results ready for their grand opening at the beginning of 2012. I can’t wait to see what the list of 101 Mississippi Places to See Before You Die includes so I can try to see all of them!

And in case anyone ever suggests a poll again, the answer is NO!



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  1. I know I’m not supposed to try to influence voting, but the Sun-n-Sand really deserves to be up there on the list, if for nothing more than to increase public awareness of its precarious standing these days. It is most often in times like ours when landmarks are quietly swept aside for “economic” reasons which may or may not be really true.


  2. Yes, I have been chagrined. We should have probably just placed all 300-something sites on one poll, told people to vote for their favorite 101, and left it up for about a month. That way, we could all get on with our lives. Hopefully, no MissPres readers have died or any of the 101 places have been demolished since this poll started.

    I still can’t believe it has taken a year!


    • The only building I think was lost was the Big Red Barn in Rolling Fork. MIC might have some buildings included before the end of the poll. Its amazing that of a list of 300 plus places we have lost so few.


  3. I love the featured image of the war memorial building! Where is that from?


  4. Where is the wjdx transmitter located? That is an interesting looking structure in the picture behind a more modern looking building. I worked as a dj at wjdx-fm in the late 60s but never knew where the transmitter was lokcage for am or fm/tv3



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