Honoring Veterans of All Generations (2011)

KEESLER AIR FORCE BASE. The electronics training center of the United States Air Force. Biloxi, Mississippi. Airmen’s quarters, dormitory type.

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  1. Thanks EL for this tribute and great photo:) Lots of Fords and Chevys in the parking lot of these Vets. Not one Toyota, Honda or VW. Go America! And thanks to all who have made the sacrifice for all of us!!!


  2. Nice tribute! Are all of the old dormitory buildings at Keesler gone now? I thought I had read that somewhere.


    • All but one or two of the WWII wooden barrack buildings are gone. There are more of the 1960’s era dormitory buildings like the one above left but they are being removed at a slow and steady rate.


  3. I was stationed at Keesler AFB in 1965 to1967. Does anyone recal Geno’s Cafe not far from one of the Gates on the right side of the road-no car.,plenty of Elvis’s Blue Christmas song played on the Jukebox. Mostly Female Airman and 2/3 Striper’s gathered for BS Stories and Beer. 11/27/11.,3380th Maint & Supply Group


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