Vacation Postcards: King’s Rest Modern Court, Greenville

MissPres is on vacation this week, but we’re sending postcards back from Mississippi’s past.

KING'S REST MODERN COURT . . . This modern court offers to the discriminating public, Superior Service and Comfort. 2 minutes drive up town. Cafe in connection.

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  1. Today is Friday so you should be thinking about heading home from your vacation. Thank you for all the great postcards of from some of Mississippi’s overnight lodging at its best. So much fun to reminisce. If you pass through Jackson, Mississippi, thump the wall at the entrance to the Alamo Plaza “Hotel Court” on Hwy 80 West and see if feels and sounds like Dryvit :)

    Happy trails & safe travels!


  2. I haven’t seen this one before!


  3. King’s Rest belonged to Herman Caluette,Frances Carlton’s father. Tide cabins were moved south of Greenville where were made into a circle of private homes. Their condition deteriated to an extremely horrible condition. A few years ago someone began fixing them again. Maybe three were saved of the original. They again have fallen into disrepair.


  4. I received the following from the daughter of this motel’s founders.
    Noel Workman

    The motel was established during the early 30’s by Herman J. and Louise Caillouet until the early 70’s when they sold the cabins and retired. My siblings and I had an unusual childhood in that we met people and families from all of the U.S.A. Some were in Greenville to visit the cadets stationed at Greenville Air Force Base. We also had a few famous people to stay with us. Off hand, I remember meeting cowboys Bob Boyd, Gabby Hayes and a sharp shooter Herb Parsons who demonstrated the new Winchester. He and my dad became fast and longtime friends since daddy was an avid hunter and fisherman. Well, I guess I’ll get off my soapbox. Thanks for the memories. Give my thanks to whoever posted the picture on the website.
    Frances Caillouet Carlton, Greenville, Mississippi
    My email address is


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