Old House Journal on Google Books

Great news! Google Books has all Old House Journals online and easily searched, from the very earliest typed copies in 1975 to today!

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Paul Smith and I am originally from Greenville,MS. When I was around 4 years old my family lived on Mt. Holly Plantation. We were afforded a home because of my father’s position on the farm. It has come to my attention that Mt. Holly has fallen into horrible disrepair. I was wondering who owns this home, currently, and if you have any contact information. Also I was hoping to acquire interior photos of the home. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Paul Smith III


  2. You should read the post about Mt. Holly: https://misspreservation.com/2010/02/25/abandoned-mississippi-mt-holly-lake-washington/

    Be sure to read the comments as well since many people in the area are trying to find a solution and I’m sure they would welcome someone else on the same quest!


    • Please forgive my premature question as I did not read all of the posts. The local news station did a story on Mt. Holly several months ago. I emailed the station and asked for information on the home and explained I was heading to Greenville this month and would like to try and see the home in hopes of finding a solution. I am currently living in Kansas City in an historic school. I have a huge respect and appreciation for these homes and would like to help if I am able. If ever anyone runs across a direct contact for “Mayor Matt”, I would like to have my information passed along to him.


    • No need to apologize! I know that many of the commenters on that Mt. Holly post have subscribed to get e-mails whenever anyone else comments, so you might want to leave a comment there so that they know you’re out there and are interested.


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