Fins to the left, Fins to the right . . .

Our across-the-River friend Blake Wintory from Lakeport Plantation sent me this screenshot of Jackson’s Petroleum Building as seen in the recent PBS American Experience documentary “Freedom Riders.”

This was in response to the last paragraph in my post on the too-early demolition of the Trailways Station, in which I said:

Speaking of Modernism and old friends, you might have also caught  in the documentary during the footage of the freedom riders being loaded into the wagon, a glimpse of the Petroleum Building across the street and its folded plate (or was it wavy?) entrance awning. I wish I could find a screenshot of it, but you should watch the film anyway for the amazing story it tells and the video footage and photographs that bring it all to life.

Looking at the screenshot, I see it’s a folded plate awning, but who cares about the awning when you can look at those interesting fin-like brackets holding it up? And then mentally add color, as we know those panels below and surrounding the windows were. You could do worse than taking your architectural inspiration from 1950s American automobiles.

Bonus points to whoever can tell us what restaurant’s sign is hanging off there to the right?

PS–Don’t forget that the East/Central Mississippi poll ends at midnight or so tonight–Meridian’s Vise Clinic still leads, but Raymond has pulled out all the stops and hold several top slots.

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  1. Was it the Continental Restaurant? I’m just trying to read the sign and don’t even know if there was such a place in Jackson.


  2. That’s a better guess than mine, which was “EastHarg Restaurant.”


  3. Earhardt or Earnhardt Restaurant.


  4. This old Trailways Bus Station location is now the Ms Museum of Art. I do not remember this Continental sign or a restraunt on that corner—-2 doors down was the Lamar Restraunt. Perhaps to fit in an old sign they used this one as a prop for the film OR it could have been a real eatery there. In that area–I miss Centre Deli so much—Charles and Vivian Hadaad. Perfect for lunch if you worked downtown. Salmagundi’s also…both now closed. BTW it turned to Magundi before closing–across from new downtown PO.


  5. The Trailways Bus station did have a little eatery. I used have something there when I was going back and forth to Keesler Air Force Base some weekends. The Davis Planetarium sits there now.


  6. Remember on the backside of the Petroleum Building was Dumas Milner Chevrolet.


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