Two Contests, Cash Available!

Let’s take a break from the bad news of late and look at two contests recently announced.

First, the National Park Service’s NHL Photo Contest on Flickr–so far no Mississippi NHL has won a place in the top group in this contest, so we shutterbugs have a mission! Entries should be uploaded and added to the 2011 NHL contest group on Flickr by July 31, 2011.

In 2011, we celebrate the twelfth anniversary of the National Historic Landmark Photo Contest. The past decade has brought us over 1,000 incredible images from almost every state in the union. These images were submitted by people from all walks of life who care for and cherish these special places that represent our American story. Many images were submitted by owners or caretakers. Many others were submitted by visitors, both from the United States and abroad.

The contest name, “Imaging Our National Heritage” encourages people to use their cameras to capture the meaning of the National Historic Landmark in a photo. We hope you’re inspired to visit our nation’s National Historic Landmarks, seek out the stories that have formed our American history, and create your own image to share.

On this, our 12th anniversary, we hope to welcome hundreds of outstanding photos, many picturing landmarks that have not previously been part of the contest. National Park Service employees nationwide will vote to select the winning images.

This will be our second year administering the NHL Photo Contest through our Group on Flickr. Please click here to see last year’s amazing contest.

You can find a full list of all National Historic Landmarks at the NPS website, and a short list of Mississippi NHLs here.

Second, the National Trust’s popular Community Challenge, which I recall at least Tupelo participated in last year. Did I mention there’s a jackpot for the winning communities?


The This Place Matters Community Challenge is being brought back in 2011 thanks to Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company and National Trust Insurance Services, LLC, who have made This Place Matters (including last year’s Challenge) a huge success! You can now submit your application, including your photo and story, here.

This year, only 100 places will be selected to participate, and the application period is open from May 2nd at 8am EST to May 13th at 5pm EST. Applicants will be notified of their status on May 17th, and there will be three prizes this year: First Prize – $25,000; Second Prize – $10,000; Third Prize – $5,000. (And while cash awards are a great incentive, we know you’ll agree that the new connections made and the conversations started are the best rewards of all.)

Don’t forget – in order to participate, you must be a 501c3 and submit two high-resolution photos of your project featuring a This Place Matters sign. You can download that sign, here.

Questions? Feel free to email for more information on entering the 2011 Community Challenge and how your participation can help grow and empower your community. We look forward to seeing the place that matters most to you!

Good luck, y’all!

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