Name This Place 7.1: It’s all in the details.

"Shamrock" Vicksburg, MS HABS Drawing c. 1934

Mississippi is known for its buildings with big white columns.  Houses,  Churches, Banks, and Courthouses, can be found all across the state employing every order imaginable.  But just how recognizable are these buildings when only looking at the columns?  Well we’ve got a contest for that.  Since it’s been a couple of months since our last name this place contest its time for (drum roll)  Name This Place: Capitols Edition.  You, gentle readers, will be challenged to identify some of our state’s beautiful buildings based only on details of their columns.  The rules will be the same as the previous contests.

Contest Rules:

1.  Between one and three photos will be posted each day. Posting times will be either 7 AM, 9 AM, or 11 AM, or all of the above. In other words, I may post at 9:00 one day, at 7:00 and 11:00 the next day, and at all three times the next.

2.  The buildings represented will all be Mississippi buildings–there will be no out-of-state buildings (Who cares about those anyway??).

3.  I may or may not give a hint before the photo. It just depends on how I’m feeling.

4.  The first person to state the name of the building, along with its location wins a point. Post answers in the comment area. The format of the first answer must include the name and the town/community or it won’t count. Those who complain about having to name the town will also be forced to name the county.

5.  An extra point will be awarded to anyone who comes along later and adds more information to the initial answer; for instance:

  • information about a construction date, architect, renovations, or historical information about the building’s use or importance;
  • comparisons to other buildings/columns of a similar type or style, or buildings with the same architect or builder.
  • Only one point per person for extra information, no matter how much information you give. This means that up to two points can be awarded to the person who answers first if he or she includes not only the name and location but also the construction date, etc. But only one point can be awarded to anyone who adds information after the initial correct answer. As a strategy, however, you might consider that if you add a bunch of extra information you will be taking away points from others who won’t have much left to say once you’re done.

6.  If there is a judgment call about whether your information is accurate or if it “adds” enough to be interesting and thus eligible to receive a point, E.L. Malvaney (hereafter referred to as “Grand Name-This Place Master”) or myself, will make that judgment call after consulting several dogs, at least 6 birds, 3 alligators and any other relevant parties.

7.  If no one guesses correctly for a photo in a 24-hour period, I will let Malvaney guess to win the point.  If Malvaney cannot answer correctly I, Thos. J. Rosell will collect the point.

At the end of the week (i.e., after Friday), the person with the most points wins the right to be called “Mississippi’s Preservationist Extraordinaire” (*until the next contest).  I will try to have a minimum two posts a day starting today. I’ll check in throughout the day sharing hints if they are needed,  so check back soon and try to rack up points for that very cool prize!

Categories: Architectural Research, Contest, Cool Old Places, Historic Preservation

3 replies

  1. Cool…. Are we to guess on this?… Is this the capitol of the Porterfield House?


  2. The column in this post is not part of the contest. The photos will not be identified with a caption and their location as part of the contest. Can’t blame you for trying though.
    The first challenge should have just posted.


  3. The drawing is from the HABS drawings of the house in Vicksburg known as “Shamrock”, or the Porterfield house. I believe it stood on Washington Street (?) near the riverfront south of downtown. It was built in the 1850s and torn down in the late 1930s or early 1940s.


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