Camp Shelby in WWII, Part 3

Today we’ll finish out our three-day Veterans Day with the remaining postcards from the c.1941 set showing the huge training facility at our own Camp Shelby. As bluerim noted in a comment, Camp Shelby boasts a fine military museum, one that will take up a whole afternoon if you let it. So if you find these postcards intriguing, take a day trip down Hattiesburg-way and spend some time learning more about Mississippi’s military history.

FOURTH AVENUE, CAMP SHELBY. A one way bus street and heavy traffic for camp needs. The avenues Highway 24, 2nd Avenue, and 4th Avenue, carry the Camp Vehicle traffic and 66 Streets connect them to company and regimental areas. A Company Street is the open space in front of or between the company tents.

At the Reception Center at Camp Shelby are facilities for the care of the inducted selectees held for medical or other reasons before assignment to various units.

HQ INDUCTION AREA, CAMP SHELBY. The Induction Center registers the drafted men sent from their home areas to this camp. After certain examinations and preliminaries, the selected men are qualified and passed on to the reception center. The disqualified men are sent back to the point of origin in this selective draft.

The DHQ of the 37th Division, on highway 24, Camp Shelby houses the personnel including the Commander, Staff, etc., which functions at HQ of the Division. On war-time set-up it calls for 31 Officers, one Warrant Officer, and 70 Enlisted men. The Basis Troops of the 38th are the National Guard troops and inducted selectees from Ohio. Major General Robert S. BEIGHTLER is the youngest Divisional Commander in the United States Army.

RAILROAD WAREHOUSES, CAMP SHELBY. These warehouses are in charge of the Quartermaster Corps, whose task is feeding, clothing, housing, and transporting the Army. The QM Regiment set-up for a square Infantry Division (18,400 men) is 41 Officers, 1 W.O., 845 Enlisted men who use 28 Passenger Cars, 50 motorcycles W/S/C, 286 1 1/2 ton trucks, 6 2 1/2 ton trucks, and 112 3/4 ton trailers to move the supplies from warehouses to company areas. Two QM Reg.’s service the two Divisions at Camp Shelby.

The United States Flag flown at Camp Shelby, Mississippi is generally the post flag 10 by 19 feet. On holidays and important occasions a Garrison Flag may be displayed 20 by 38 feet. On stormy and windy days the storm flag 5 by 9 1/2 feet is used. The United States Flag carried by unmounted units of troops are called the Colors and measure 4 1/3 by 5 1/2 feet. the 3 by 4 feet flag of mounted or motorized units are known as standards.

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  1. My father was with the 802 Tank Destroyers out of Freeport NY. They were at Camp Shelby sometime in 1943 I believe before heading too England and then on to Normandy.

    A=re there any archival documents that would provide details of their stay there as to the dates and type of training that I could get

    Thank You


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