Name This Place 6.5.2

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  1. Is it a church in Brookhaven ?


  2. oops — it is the post office. I remembered the ventilator thing on the roof and thought it was from a jail area in the back of the city hall building. I was in the right town anyway. Funny how memories work…


  3. This church is similar in massing to the now-demolished Crystal Springs Methodist Church (Methodist Episcopal Church, South). The Crystal Springs church had arched windows along the sanctuary but the window placement is similar. First Methodist Church of Brookhaven chose decorative brickwork on the front facade over windows, unlike the Crystal Springs church.


  4. Always loved this church. Do we know the architect?


  5. Yes, according to the National Register nomination, the church, built 1916-17, was designed by John Gaisford, of Memphis, a British immigrant who also designed the Methodist church in Columbia and the McWilliams Building in Clarksdale. The supervising architect was Eugene McCormick, a Brookhaven cabinet-maker turned home builder, and the builder was I.C. Garber of Jackson, whose large construction firm built many schools, churches, and college buildings around the state.


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