Name This Place 6.5.1

Well, y’all could have seen me do my specially choreographed end-zone dance that I was planning yesterday afternoon when it looked like nobody was going to guess the second Name This Place, but then Belinda popped in after 6 hours and cheerfully announced the correct answer. So no end-zone dance for me this time, and it’s your loss, not mine.

Nevertheless, W. White has maintained his lead, and if he had managed one more point, or Belinda one less, we could just call it a week and take Friday off. Instead, with a 6 point difference, there’s still a statistical chance for a tie, and since there is, I’m going to go ahead and announce that there will be three posts today ahead of time so that everyone will have a chance to make an exciting conclusion. Will W claim the title Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire for the first time? Or will Belinda battle back and grab a piece of the prize? Check back in at 9:00 and 11:00 to catch all the action!

Current Standings

W. White: 14 points
Belinda: 8 points
J.R. Gordon: 4 points
Tom Barnes: 2 points
Susan Allen: 2 points
doakley: 2 points
Jack Elliott: 1 point

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8 replies

  1. Bonner-Campbell Institute, Edwards, MS


  2. You are correct, sir! Congratulations on you first Name This Place point! You get another point for any other information about the building or the campus.

    And may I say, I’ve really been enjoying your Sermons of Hwy 27 series this week.


  3. I wonder if I should make the day interesting or simply say that Bonner-Campbell was orignially founded as the Southern Christian Institute in 1882, an early example of African-American higher education in Mississippi. I do not think that building dates to 1882, probably 1910-1920.

    Point please, Malvaney.


  4. Another fact that I thought I would throw in. Edwards is the filming site for the last scene in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”


  5. This building reminds me of the hotel buildings associated with the many mineral wells scattered around Mississippi — and popular during the same time period

    Allison Wells and Stafford Springs come to mind.


  6. I get no points for checking email too late in the day, but kudos for recognizing my mom’s home town of Edwards. Alas, probably no more movies will be filmed downtown since the railroad demolished the quaint wood timber bridge over the railroad tracks that is the backdrop for the final scene in “O Brother” and replaced it with a parabolic monstrosity that accommodates double-decker rail cars and on top of which large trucks have become stuck numerous times. But the Lewis house on top of the hill by the bridge was also one of the settings for “The Ponder Heart.”


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