Some Sunday Afternoon Reading

Best read while sitting on the porch with a cool beverage:

  • “Ghosts of New York“, Atlantic (June 2010): About architectural ornament salvaged from the demolition sites of the 1950s and 60s, now sitting in the back yard of the Brooklyn Museum
  • “Here Comes the Neighborhood”, Atlantic (June 2010): About changes in demographics and living patterns that will cause the decline of suburbs and the new rise of inner city neighborhoods. Whether this will also bring about the preservation of those neighborhoods or their demolition and re-building remains to be seen.

In fact, the June 2010 issue of the Atlantic is worth buying and reading from start to finish–just a wealth of interesting and informative articles on a whole raft of subjects.

And totally off-topic but proof of what happens to you when you get put on my Wall of Shame: “FBI Probes South Delta” in Thursday’s Bolivar Commercial. I suppose I shouldn’t gloat, especially on a Sunday, but this might account for the numerous page views on last summer’s MissPres exposes “Shame on the South Delta Regional Housing Authority” and “A Little Tidbit about the South Delta Housing Authority.” Maybe now someone will figure out whether they are, in fact, a government agency or not.

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