More Really Old Places from the Continent

Still in France, of course, and still waiting on the volcano to be quiet or airlines to move to Plan B. In addition to the Roman remains in France, there are many fortified and walled towns, churches, bridges, and even houses from the Middle Ages, a period of constant upheaval, armed marauders, and the Hundred Years War between the English and the French, which I found out actually succeeded another period of war that also lasted a hundred years. I guess, on the whole, I can kind of see why the French decided in the 20th century that war just wasn’t their thing, even when it was to defend themselves–not that I’ll quit ragging them about it, just that I understand it more.

And by the way, let me know if you have trouble with this new slideshow feature. On my current slow connection, it’s a little glitchy, but maybe that’s not the case on most connections.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. More great pictures – thanks! I don’t know about anyone else, but I know the slide show works fine for me. If the caption is more than one line, it’s a little tricky to read, but that’s a minor flaw in the system – I can still see the pictures just fine.


  2. The slideshow works fine for me too! I hope your travel situation will improve.


  3. It works for me, too, and it’s lovely!

    My husband likes to rag on the French, too; I’m glad to hear that one’s experience of the history can open one’s mind to understanding.


  4. I too rag on the French. I get that from my grandfather, a WWII veteran whose favorite term for the French was that they are “sorry sons of *****s!”

    Good to hear back from you again about your French sojourn.


  5. EL…I know you deserved a vacation but causing a natural disaster to prolong your European vacances?

    Seriously, hope you’re coping well. I love the new slideshow feature. It even works on the mobile version. Jealous of those Nimes/Pont du Gard pics. Looks like you had good weather.

    Hopefully happy return travels very soon!


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