Downtown Jackson in Detail

While ya’ll have been pondering the deep thoughts from yesterday’s post, I’ve been wandering downtown Jackson again taking pictures of interesting details. Can you figure out where I’ve been?

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  1. 1 looks like the Standard Life Building

    2 is the front entryway of the Old Capitol (looking North because the Standard Oil Building is in the background).

    I don’t know #3

    4 is inside the New Capitol


  2. #3 is the Alamo Theatre? Is that a roof noodle on its side?


  3. Look forward to following your blog! I love to photograph Mississippi, but lately all the power lines and folks paying no attention to preservation is taking away all the great shots of old!

    Thanks for your blog.


    • Welcome, Robert, and thanks! The power lines do drive me crazy, also trees, however beautiful, planted right in front of what I want to take a picture of!

      And thanks for introducing me to your blog too–love it and I’ve added you to my blog reader.


  4. Looks as though everyone has beaten me to it!


  5. Well, it looks like I made this one too easy again. Next time, my friends, next time, just you wait!


  6. The ribbon-cutting for the formal opening of the hotel at King Edward is scheduled December 17. More details will be released next week.


  7. Good shot of the Old Cap entrance…lovely shadows. Mayb that last one is the “Plaz Building” or the first Standard Life building…seems like i saw that @ Basils?


    • The last one is the New Capitol floor–I think it’s the third floor where the skylight comes through and the glass block in the floor allows the light to filter down. I knew the Old Cap would be too easy. :-)


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