Advanced Testing for Docents

Dear Prospective Advanced Docents:

Before you may take this test, you must have passed the Beginning Host/Hostess Test, which you can find here.

Passing this Advanced Docent Test will allow you to wear the special green Advanced Docent ribbon, which will ensure your place in the Docent pantheon and possibly get you a 10% discount at your local eatery. Study the question carefully and read over each possible answer, thinking through the ramifications before choosing your final answer:

Confederate Monuments typically feature a Southern soldier standing atop a tall obelisk. Which way do they face and why?

1.  They face North to repel the invading army that intends to destroy us and take our silver.
2.  They face South toward the land they love, full of moonlight and magnolias and pretty women.
3.  Both or either of the above and for no logical reason.
4.  They face West, thinking they might enjoy California just as well and with less work.
5.  All of the above
6.  Hey, who is that guy anyway?

Note: I must acknowledge the assistance of my frequent critic and faithful reader Theodore for planting the idea for this advanced test–well, really it was just the kernel of the idea; of course, I expanded greatly on it and made it flower into the wonder you see before you.

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