New Events Calendar

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a new little feature I’ve added to Preservation in Mississippi, a calendar of events that I hope we can use to keep ourselves apprised of all the stuff going on around the state that would be of general interest to architecture and history lovers. It’s right at the top of the left column, so it’s easy to click even early in the morning when your eyes might be a little bleary from staying up late posting responses to my witty and thought-provoking posts.

While I, of course, am a social butterfly flitting from event to event and double-booking to keep up, I would certainly love to have some faithful reader out there volunteer to help keep the calendar hopping with new things to do. So, if you have the urge, please e-mail me at

Also, if you have an event or some topic that’s on your mind, let me know and we can get that posted. Well, not any ol’ topic, you understand–your thoughts on so-and-so’s new hair color, or why people shouldn’t talk on their cell phones while driving, or who’s better, Ole Miss or MSU? (go Delta State!), etc. are very interesting, I’m sure, but not exactly along the lines of what we’re doing here.

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