Great Source for Digital Photographs

For those of you who haven’t scrolled down that far yet (you know who you are!), I’ve added a new feature on the bottom of the left-hand column of the page that’s linked to a very useful and interesting Flickr group called Mississippi National Register of Historic Places.  This section will be constantly updated to show the latest uploads to the Flickr group, so you’ll see a fairly constant change in photos, all of which should be Mississippi buildings (or places, if you prefer) that are listed on the National Register. Clicking on one of the photos will take you to Flickr where you can see the whole group, which now numbers around 800 photos, most of very high quality. I had no idea this group existed, and it’s not the only one with great photos of historic buildings, many of them plotted with locational information so you can view a map of Mississippi and see where photos have been taken. Click around to see more on Flickr, and if you have some photos of historic places to contribute, upload them and let us all see them!

Categories: Architectural Research, Historic Preservation

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