Name This Place XII Results: A New Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire!

Friday was the last day of Name This Place XII, with ed polk douglas leading the way with 13 points while Carunzel and Thomas Rosell were each close behind with 11 points. This close competition would, like all good competitions, come down to the final day.

Friday’s first post was promptly identified by jackdelliottjr as Assembly Hall/DeFrance Tavern/Fletcher’s Tavern in Washington, with ed polk douglas, Belinda2015, Carunzel, and Thomas Rosell getting a point each. Although everyone seemed to think the second building was in Jackson, Blake Wintory, the doyen of Lakeport Plantation, jumped into the competition and correctly named it as the Mississippi Chemical Company Headquarters in Yazoo City; ed polk douglas, Suzassippi, Carunzel, Fertilizer Man, Belinda2015, ELMalvaney, and Thomas Rosell also got a point. By the slimmest of margins over Carunzel, ed polk douglas identified the third building as the Bowman House, an antebellum hotel in Jackson; Carunzel still received a point, as did cm, Helen Ellis, and Thomas Rosell. I was close to stumping everyone with the final post of the competition but Carunzel eventually named the “Private” John Allen House (Allen-High House) in Tupelo, with the final points going to ed polk douglas and Thomas Rosell.

Current Standings:

ed polk douglas: 18 points
Carunzel: 16 points
Thomas Rosell: 15 points
Victoria M Conway: 8 points
Belinda2015: 8 points
Suzassippi: 4 points
jackdelliottjr: 4 points
ELMalvaney: 4 points
sec040121: 3 points
Tom Little: 2 points
An Ordinary Person in New Haven: 2 points
donnaballard: 2 points
Blake Wintory: 2 points
Helen Ellis: 2 points
lisahowellphotography: 1 point
Lynn Catlette Madden: 1 point
Pibbb: 1 point
Photograham: 1 point
Mississippian in Exile: 1 point
C: 1 point
Beauregard Rippy: 1 point
Mason: 1 point
cm: 1 point
Fertilizer Man: 1 point

This means that there is a new Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaire, ed polk douglas. Congratulations on your victory in this, the most widely participated in Name This Place contest the site has ever held. Twenty-four MissPres readers earned at least one point in the competition, by far the largest number we have ever had. In the end, although a close competition throughout, ed polk douglas took the lead on the first post and never relinquished it, despite a strong challenge by Carunzel, who with one win and four second place finishes, now is to the Name This Place contest what the Atlanta Braves are to the World Series. With his win, ed polk douglas now joins the pantheon of Mississippi Preservationist Extraordinaires with all the responsibilities and duties therein (I do not know what those are right now, but we can make something up).

Name This Place I (June 2009): tsj1957
Name This Place II (July 2009): doakley
Name This Place III (October 2009): Carunzel
Name This Place IV (February 2010): tsj1957
Name This Place V (May 2010): Belinda & Theodore
Name This Place VI (September 2010): W. White
Name This Place VII: Columns Edition (April 2011): W. White & JRGordon
Name This Place VIII: Courthouse Edition (July 2011): Susan Allen (Suzassippi)
Name This Place IX: Doors Edition (April 2012): Thomas
Name This Place X: Word of the Week Edition (October 2012): Thomas
Name This Place XI: Signs Edition (April 2015): Victoria Moon Conway
Name This Place XII: Lost Buildings Edition (April 2018): ed polk douglas

Thank you to everyone who participated in this Name This Place contest and made it such a smashing success. Name This Place contests have been held very infrequently since 2012, but the enthusiasm shown for Name This Place XII ensures that there will be another one held real soon. In fact, I already have an idea for the next one…

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15 replies

  1. Excellent, W, just excellent!


  2. Is Ed Polk Douglas the same person who wrote “Architecture in Claiborne Co Mississippi, 1974” ?


  3. Oh my god, you did not just compare me to the Atlanta Braves … You cannot imagine how I, as a Dodgers, Mets, Cubs (Reds, Phillies, the former Expos, almost any team but the braves, always rooted for the AL in the championship series over them) fan, hate that team, especially as I had to watch them nearly every day during the ’80s to see the other teams play (luckily there were also the Cubs on WGN and NBC once a week, but I digress).

    Take it back

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  4. honored and humbled to have been the winner of the latest ‘name this place’ competition. great fun, a definite learning experience, and great competitors-some new friends, too. but, depressing, as malvaney said at the beginning-we gotta save the important bldgs that are left!

    my interest in ms arch is longstanding, and I must acknowledge many friends and family members
    who encouraged me– and, more recently, the friend who gave me this laptop which I can use in my home– couldn’t have lived in the local libr using a pc there to compete!

    hope there is a future ‘forum’ on misspreservation in which to pose questions about a number of our mystery buildings–still a lot I want to know.

    enjoyed delving into the earlier material on misspreservation while waiting for photos– kudos to malvaney for starting the post and all of those who have contributed over the years. other kudos to mr white for pulling the quiz together.

    onward and upward, huh?

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    • Your idea for a ‘forum’ where questions could be asked and answered would be very interactive, and perhaps if rooted in some of our currently at risk buildings, could contribute to the possibility of keeping them around.


    • Do you know of John McCarter’s connections to Prospect Hill, if any? McCarter is owner of the “Miss Kate Ervin” house here in Crawford. It’s in poor shape but salvageable in my opinion. It has been looted of most of the furnishings, but the baby grand piano is still in the foyer. Due to drug activity here, I don’t go there without an escort.


    • Ed~

      You might want to come back home and leave NY in your rear view mirror. Our old stomping grounds are being gentrified. Even at the old Methodist Hospital there appears to be renovation activity; that is not addressed in the H-B article.
      I hope the architect has better luck with this project than he had with the Eaton School restoration disaster. Lesson learned there is Just don’t contract roof restoration work to “storm chaser” roofers from Crawford.


  5. This is fascinating and fun. Congratulations Ed and to all contestants.


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