The Friday Place

From the West Point, Mississippi Court Street Historic District National Register nomination…

Mann-East-Friday House 307 E. Westbrook Street West Point, Clay County April 1982 Kenneth H. P’Pool, MDAH

307 E. Westbrook Street. Vernacular Italianate. One-and-a-half-story, saltbox, gable-roof, stuccoed masonry and stuccoed frame residence: full-width hip-roof porch supported on Tuscan columns; Greek Revival tripartite entrance; attic story windows in frieze; paired brackets support eaves of main roof and porch-roof; stucco was originally scored to resemble coursed ashlar. Ca 1869.

The Mann-East-Friday House was built by Jabez Mann, a railroad machinist who moved to West Point from Mobile, Alabama, in 1866 (Mrs. C. R. Friday, granddaughter of Jabez Mann, interviewed by Kenneth P’Pool , architectural historian with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Jackson, at West Point, Miss., March 2, 1982).  Mann’s residence, which was heavily influenced by the Italianate or “Bracketed Style”, was one-and-a-half-story, saltbox-roof structure with paired eaves, brackets, a Tuscan columned veranda, and ashlar-scored walls of stucco and is now the best surviving example of Italianate design in West Point.

The structure now houses the Chester Arthur “Howlin’ Wolf” Burnett Blues Museum.

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  1. It is the ‘vernacular’ that always throws me. I do not have the training to identify those characteristics that place the building into a vernacular version of a style, but it is still interesting to learn something new. Now Howlin’ Wolf? That I can get. Happy Friday everyone.

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  2. charming building, but could be enhanced by shutters if there is evidence for such–obviously not on the eyebrow windows at the front! (though, yes, i have seen shutters that sort-of overlap architectural woodwork–federal and greek revival friezes and italianate brackets–the shutters just don’t ‘lie flat’ against the wall–

    speaking of west point, does anyone know about the ‘for sale’ status of waverley/waverly? from what i have determined in a quick look at the web recently, it is still ‘for sale’— such an important house—wish the state would acquire it, but, money for this???? and, while the columbus area is not ‘a backwater’, it’s not quite in the vicksburg-port gibson-natchez-felicianas-river road-new orleans axis—-

    oh, happy birthday, thomas jefferson—certainly someone that influenced american architecture–including buildings in ms—-

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  3. What happened to the video?


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