Vacation Poscards: English Village Court, Long Beach

MissPres is on vacation this week, but we’re sending postcards back from Mississippi’s past.

ENGLISH VILLAGE COURT–Modern housekeeping Cottages pleasantly situated amid ancient live oaks–overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Postmarked Feb 1952.

Categories: Gulf Coast, Hotels, Long Beach


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  1. Ah – happy childhood memories on Hwy 90 – and boiling shrimp in “kitchenettes.” The Friendship House and goofy golf (with a big dinosaur) and some place with pet goats?

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  2. Although I never made it to the Mississippi coast until I was “well-seasoned”, I have memories of similar little cottages on the coast of Port Aransas, Texas. Sadly, they have all be replaced by gigantic condos.


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