MHT Accepting Nominations for 2018 Heritage Awards

The Mississippi Heritage Trust has announced the dates for its 2018 conference Listen Up, to be held in beautiful Ocean Springs, June 7-8, 2018. Nominate your favorite preservation project or person for a Heritage Award by April 13, 2018, and award winners will be announced at the annual banquet on June 7. As you may notice over here to the right, Preservation in Mississippi was the recipient of an MHT Award in 2014 for Excellence in Preservation Education/Media.  —->

Read the specifics below and download the nomination forms here.


ƒ The Mississippi Heritage Awards are open to any individual, organization, business, or agency involved in historic preservation activities in Mississippi.

ƒ Nominated projects must have been completed between January 2016 and March 2018.

ƒ Entries may be made without the knowledge of the nominee and self-nominations will be accepted. Entries for posthumous awards will not be accepted.

ƒ Mississippi Heritage Trust trustees and staff are not eligible for a Mississippi Heritage Award.

Award Categories

(Note: Depending upon the applications received, awards may not be given in every category.)

ƒ Restoration/Rehabilitation Restoration of a structure to an earlier appearance; or rehabilitation for a new use.
ƒ Historic Landscape/Archaeology Restoration of a historic landscape or preservation of an archaeological resource.
ƒ Award of Excellence in Preservation Education/Media Outstanding heritage education programs or media on historic preservation in book, brochure, curriculum, video or other form.
ƒ MHT Trustees Award for Organizational Achievement Recognizes outstanding achievement in preservation activities by a group, business, neighborhood or other organization.
ƒ Excellence in Stewardship of Historic Sites Recognizes sustained excellence in the preservation, management, and interpretation of a historic site or sites.
ƒ Individual Distinguished Service Award Recognizes outstanding contributions to preservation in Mississippi by an individual.
ƒ Outstanding Achievement in Public Policy Recognizes an outstanding contribution to historic preservation in the field of public policy.
ƒ MHT/MDAH Award for Excellence in Historic District Preservation Recognizes the preservation efforts by a community to protect or develop historic districts.
ƒ Excellence in African American Preservation Recognizes outstanding achievement in African-American preservation activities by a person, group, business, neighborhood, or organization.
ƒ Libby and Al Hollingsworth Award This most prestigious award recognizes an individual’s lifelong achievements and leadership in both state and national preservation arenas and their service to MHT.

Nomination Requirements

Each entry must be submitted using the entry form and include the following:
ƒ Concise Description (750 words or less) of the project, organization or individual that is being nominated.
ƒ If the nominated project involves a site or district, explain its historical significance, the challenges overcome, unique strategies and activities carried out, and the impact of these activities on the community.
ƒ Describe the people involved and how this project could be a model for other communities. If the nominee is an individual or organization, describe his or her accomplishments and contributions in the area of historic preservation.
ƒ List any people that have made a significant contribution to the success of the project.
ƒ Photographs (digital images) of the project illustrating various aspects of the project or program.

ƒ Images of the project should demonstrate before and after results, show interior shots from a variety of angles, and include overall exterior shots. When possible, photos should include people and activity around the site, including a shot of the project in the context of the greater community.

ƒ Photos should be labeled and include a credit line for publication. Images should be in focus.

ƒ Photos should be submitted on a CD in a JPEG or TIFF format and at least 300 dpi. Individual files should be labeled and a print-out of the photos provided with the corresponding credit information.

ƒ Supporting Materials such as brochures or news clippings may be submitted. Letters of recommendation that demonstrate community support may be submitted.

Entry Procedure and Judging

ƒ All entries must be submitted on the entry form with the original and 10 copies of the form and any supporting materials. Only one set of images is required.
ƒ Entries must be postmarked or emailed by April 13, 2018.
ƒ All entries submitted will become the property of Mississippi Heritage Trust unless the nominator specifically requests that they be returned and provides a self-addressed mailer with adequate postage for this purpose. Every effort will be made to protect and return the submissions if requested; however, MHT cannot be held responsible for any of the material submitted.
ƒ A panel of judges will review all entries and reserves the right to disqualify any entry that is incomplete or does not meet the requirements. The jury’s decisions are final and will be based upon the following criteria:

ƒ For restoration/rehabilitation projects, adherence to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.
ƒ Quality and degree of difficulty of a project along with its significance and uniqueness.
ƒ Impact of nominee or nominated project on the community and the degree to which it serves as an example to influence others.

Now download the nomination form and get to nominating!

2018 Heritage Awards Nomination Form

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