Snowin’ in the Pines, and the Magnolias, and the Live Oaks . . .

Most of central and south Mississippi woke up to an early 200th birthday present–a verifiable snow storm that stuck!

Here are a few pictures of Jackson and environs, and if you spent some time wandering the winter wonderland taking pictures of your town or neighborhood, post a link so we can all enjoy!

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  1. A beautiful day to be in Mississippi.

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  2. Thanks for the lovely snow pictures.


  3. Beautiful! We had snow in Texas, but not like this! Thank you for sharing.


  4. For once we did not have snow in Chicago. I got more pictures from Mississippi friends today than ever before. Thank you for the pictures of snow in a place that seldom sees that much snow. Enjoy the day.

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  5. Snowed about 12 hrs in Hattiesburg. Have lots of pix, but do not know how to post them on this site.


  6. snow is such factor of winter life here in upstate ny that i forget how ‘special’ it is in the south—as long as one doesn’t have to drive in it! i do remember, in my youth, on one snowy day in winter, that my father said, ‘well, ed, now is your chance to learn how to drive in snowy weather, in case you ever live where that is a part of daily life in winter’. little did i know then that i would spend many years in just that kind of climate!

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