Walking To School

Martin Luther King and Andy Young escort children to their newly integrated school in Grenada, Mississippi, 20 September 1965. Courtesy Associate Press archives.

I believe that Grenada Public Schools Start back today.  Some of you may be groaning, while other may be cheering for the start of school.  But one of the best benefits of towns and cities should be their walkability.  This view hasn’t changed much in the 50+ years since the above image of Martin Luther King was made at the intersection of South Street and South Water Street.

Here is where they were headed that day, what had previously been the Grenada public school for white children on South Line Street.

Alternatively rural areas used to be a lot more walkable even well into the 20th century.  Is there a place you’re aware of in rural Mississippi where people once frequently walked to, maybe churches, stores, neighbors’ houses, that would seem like a daunting journey by foot today?

Categories: African American History, Grenada, Historic Preservation, Schools, Urban/Rural Issues


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  1. Nice post, Thomas. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . . .

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