Bruce High School: Another Malvaney School

Bruce High School yearbook

from the 1946 Trojan yearbook

Imagine this being your high school in 1942, after the International style building designed by E. L. Malvaney had been completed.  Look at those beautiful glass enclosures and columns on the corner entrances!

Auditorium entrance

And, then look what happened with the additional construction of an auditorium in 1977.  But progress marches on, right?

BHS front entrance with glass canopy

Some remnants of that originally stunning building are still visible if one is looking closely enough, but sadly those beautifully corner entrances are now gone, either demolished to add the auditorium, or encased in that brick wall somewhere.

The Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works lists Bruce High School as PWA project 1419 in the 1939 list of approved projects, however, I can not locate any documentation that indicates it was completed with PWA funds.  Initial approval did not always result in a funded project.

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3 replies

  1. the auditorium and part of that original entrance burned. mine was the first class to graduate in the new auditorium in 1977.


  2. I graduated from Bruce High School – 1958. Wonderful memories of teachers and classmates.


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