Roadside Mississippi: Holiday Terrace Motel, Jackson

holiday terrace MOTEL. Highway 80 West, 1 1/2 Miles. Phone FLeetwood 2-5011 Teletype JN-81. Jackson, Mississippi. Air-Conditioned--Room Telephones--Television--Swimming Pool--Johnny's Restaurant on Property. Master Host. AAA.

holiday terrace MOTEL. Highway 80 West, 1 1/2 Miles. Phone FLeetwood 2-5011 Teletype JN-81. Jackson, Mississippi. Air-Conditioned–Room Telephones–Television–Swimming Pool–Johnny’s Restaurant on Property. Master Host. AAA.

Construction Begins On New Modern Motel

Construction has been started on Jackson’s ultra modern motel, “Holiday Terrace” on Highway 80 West, at the corner of Valley Street, according to Louis W. Cotton and Company, agents for Cleve Myers, Incorporated, owners.

Keeping pace with the rapid growth of Jackson this modern motel, of Roman Brick exterior, will be air conditioned and it will feature the most modern construction. It will be immediately adjacent to “Johnny’s Restaurant.”

Holiday Terrace will not only incorporate the ultimate in motel luxury but will feature a swimming pool in addition with no charge for guests and friends, it was stated.

The cost of the project will be in excess of a quarter million dollars.

Cleve Myers, Jr., President of the Company, states that there will be nothing in the South to compare with Holiday Terrace in appointments and convenience.

Clarion-Ledger, Sept. 11, 1954

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  1. Wouldn’t be caught there ANYTIME nowadays!!!


  2. That is quite a statement–nothing in the South to compare. Any indication of what was supposed to earn it that acclaim?



    From about the same view as the postcard! Simply called the Holiday Motel today, Johnny’s Restaurant is visible next door, but it looks to have been long closed up. The pool has been filled in, and the property is fenced in, and you have to enter from Valley Street now, rather than right off Highway 80 West. On the Valley Street entrance, a very retro-1950s sign that reads “Office” still stands! It’s barely visible in this screenshot on the left hand side.

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  4. Fisherman’s Wharf was the restaurant in the early 1980’s. It was still very nice then. Great food similar to Crechales.


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