Friday Film: Mississippi River Basin Model

Today’s Friday Film by Atlas Obscura takes a new look at an old MHT 10 Most Endangered Place, the Mississippi River Basin Model in Jackson, aka “the greatest model ever made.” The model has been long abandoned by the Corps of Engineers and is getting more overgrown each year. Why don’t we have a volunteer day to get some cleanup going this winter? Who volunteers to head that up?

Speaking of the 10 Most, put October 22 on your calendar because that’s the next 10 Most Endangered Places Unveiling. More on that event in the coming weeks.

Categories: Historic Preservation, Jackson


5 replies

  1. Another possible reclamation project for Jackson. It could be a very viable tourist attraction.


  2. all the time I was at Biloxi Mississippi for USAF training(Keesler) I had no idea such an amazing site was there in Jackson Keesler AFB March’56 to June ’56……………!!!1


  3. I remember seeing this as a child in the early 1960’s, but until fairly recently I thought it was in Vicksburg at the Corp facility.


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