Firsthand video of Katrina’s Surge

BSL FEMA FLoodmap imagefile

Hurricane Katrina Flood Recovery Map MS-F11 Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. from Accessed 8/31/2015

On the 10th Anniversary the MDAH collections blog Sense of Place featured a video that was shot in old town Bay St. Louis during Katrina’s surge. Here is a snippet of what is the MDAH blog has to say about the video.

Bay St. Louis homeowner Katherine Mauffray narrates the intensifying winds and rising water on the morning of August 29, 2005, in this fifteen-minute video documenting the arrival of Hurricane Katrina. The Mauffray family survived the storm….

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The elevation of Union Street (where the video was taken) has an ABFE of about 23′ and the video and FEMA flood maps show that the street was under at least 3′ of water, not including any wave action that may have been occuring.  What also can be seen in the maps are that so few areas in Bay St. Louis remained untouched by flooding.  Only a small portion of unflooded area can be seen on the left side of the Hurricane Katrina Flood Recovery Map MS-F11 which covers about half of old town Bay St. Louis.  Click here to view all the FEMA maps that show the extent and magnitude of Hurricane Katrina’s surge.

Below you can watch the Mauffray Hurricane Katrina video from the MDAH collection. The Clarion-Ledger also has a harrowing video from Gulfports’s Bayou View neighborhood, where water came up to the ceiling.

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  1. It looks like State Street in Old Town, brave girl.


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