Bexley School Restored!

You would have to be an original reader of Preservation in Mississippi to remember my ode to Bexley School in George County, all the way back in July 2009. The two-classroom school sits overlooking Highway 98 near Lucedale, and it’s a landmark I always look for when I go that way. Recently, I got a nice email from Ken Flanagan, Community Development Director for George County, with the news that the school has been renovated with new electrical wiring, new paint, restoration of chalk boards, and general freshening. Congratulations to George County for maintaining this historic landmark for all to enjoy. Next time you’re down that way, or if you want to rent the school for an event, give the George County supervisors a call to get a peek inside.

Bexley School House Exterior (1024x621)

Old Bexley School House reopens following County restoration

Release Dates: 06/23/2015

The Old Bexley School House/Community Center has reopened and is ready to host community events following an interior restoration project by the George County Board of Supervisors.

The white framed school house, which is made up of two classrooms and a small auditorium, is one of the oldest public buildings in the county. It was opened in 1914 and served as a school house for multiple grades until 1957.

Bexley School House Interior (1024x683)The County now maintains the historic building and rents it out as a community center for family reunions, birthday parties and receptions. It also currently serves as the voting precinct for the Bexley Community.

The rehab work started with carefully scraping and removing layers and layers of flaking paint. Crews then treated and refurbished the original tongue & groove walls and ceilings. The school house’s signature chalkboards and wooden floors were restored. Crews also installed new overhead lighting, ceiling fans, and electrical wiring.

“The Bexley School House is a true George County landmark. This building has been serving our residents for more than 100 years,” District 4 Supervisor Larry Havard, said. “These renovations will help preserve the building and keep it viable for community use. The work was completed on schedule and the building is ready for the August Primary elections.”

The Bexley School House/Community Center is located at 102 Bexley Road N and is available for rental through the GC Board of Supervisors Administration Office at 601-947-7506.

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  1. HOORAY!!!!! This is wonderful news! It’s beautiful; they did a wonderful job.


  2. After the past two weeks it is nice to hear about a preservation success.

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  3. Did this project revieve any state or federal funds?


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