New Deal in Mississippi: Coffeeville School Administration Building

Coffeeville Administration Building

Edgar Lucian Malvaney is identified as the architect for the enlargement of the Coffeeville school administration building in 1938 (Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Historic Resources Inventory).  As part of the school complex, it looks like it was used as an elementary school building originally.  Frankly, the remodel of the windows could rank up there with Preservation Fail.  It is like looking at someone’s face who has put boards over the eyes and painted in fake eyeballs.  I know, it’s a harsh judgment, so I imagine I have stepped all over some Coffeeville toes, but it just is such a jarring image.

Like many of the schools constructed or improved during this time period in Mississippi and elsewhere, the Coffeeville building was funded by the WPA.  The Mississippi legislature also passed a bill authorizing the borrowing of $3,000 for Coffeeville to pay school building indebtedness, but no other particulars are noted.

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  1. “Fake eyeballs” is right, bless its heart! The only good things are that the building is still there, and the windows could be put back (although it would have been much cheaper to simply have kept the originals and repaired them in place).


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