Ray Stadium, Meridian High School

This week marks the first day of fall and high school football season is well underway.  Summer sweet treats have turned into Friday night lights.  Ray Stadium was built in 1937 for Meridian Senior High – Junior College.  The stadium originally sat 14,000 and was illuminated for night games from the first.  The two concrete bleachers sport six vomitories each.

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  1. 14,000? Should that be 1400?


  2. Ray Stadium seats 14,000 people, making it the largest high school football stadium in Mississippi.


  3. I still laugh everytime I hear “vomitories”! Who knew I would get such an education.


  4. Ray Stadium in Meridian, MS 39305 was named in honor of Dr. Charles Ray. Could you tell me why he was honored this way?


  5. Ray Stadium was named after my Gran Father, DE Charles Ray, he also donated the practice field for the school, and was on the board, there’s alot more history on Dr Charles having to do w Meridian High Scholls, in fact my family donated a portrait that that was painted of him many years ago, & believe it hangs in the athletic building, but my nephew was just married and I had a Artist from Meridian do a painting of Ray Stadium for a wedding gift, although the present is to arrive tomorrow, ( Lil late since they married Nov ), but Dave Kimbrell was behind and said he’s known for portraits, and felt this was to be a real challenge, and was excited to do it bc he attended Meridian High ! I thought after I get all the info on what all Dr Ray did for the High School it might be a very interesting article ! I know alot of my friends haven’t know where the name came from, and thought I’d see if The Star would be interested in doing a write up & showing our very talented artists work ! Course I haven’t even cn the painting yet myself, he said it’ll be delivered tomorrow afternoon! I’m sending you my email, and be interested if yall be interested in doing the story ! Dr Charles Ray, the gran son, will know everything about how this came about, although he’s retired now I think he love to give this history! Thank you for reading all this, and I’ll be looking forward to a reply ! I’m not wanting this be printed just if yall be in willing to do a story !


  6. Don’t forget the annual Calf Scrambles!


  7. Dr. Ray was my dentist and I lived next door to his brother, Leonard, I think was his name, and Sadie Ray. I grew up in Meridian and my mom, my sisters, my husband and I all graduated from MHS! Go CATS! I was there until 1981 where we boasted having THE GREATEST BAND IN ALL THE LAND!!!

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