Vacation Postcards: Court Royale, Clarksdale

MissPres is on vacation this week, but we’re sending postcards back from Mississippi’s past.


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  1. Overhead GARAGE Doors! We need that kind of place nowadays!


  2. Reblogged this on Angie Barker and commented:
    I hope you all made it home safely (and full) from your 4th of July travels.
    Here are some postcards from Mississippi’s past (reblogged from @MissPres).
    Happy Monday!


  3. Does this Post card exist ?? I have a friend whose dad owned the hotel. Would be so much appreciated if we could find one of those post cards.


    • Yes, it exists, I found it on eBay a while back, and I’ve seen others pop up there since, so I would keep an eye out there. Would love to hear about the hotel from your friend!


      • EL Malvaney are you from the Clarksdale area ?? The location where the Royale Hotel once stood is now a bus station.


      • No, I live in Jackson, but I collect postcards from around the state, especially 1930s and later. Where is the bus station? I know about the old Greyhouse station, but you must be talking about a different one?


        • I am ! The old Greyhound bus station is downtown and is a museum of sorts or at least has been restored. Delta Bus Lines has part of the old Royale Hotel property. There are some apartments on the back half that enters from a differnt street. Delta Bus Lines is on 161 which is old 61 before the the 4 lane bypass was built. Would you consider selling the post card ??


          • Joel, do you know anything about the Delta Tourist Courts? I’m a student doing some research on the area, and I’ve found a telephone directory which lists the Royale Motel and the Delta Tourist Courts as being next to each other. Were they both on the same block, do you think?


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