How Are You Celebrating Historic Preservation Month?

Who will save Toontown?

Who will save Toontown?

I have some suggestions!

  1. Invite your favorite elected official to lunch. Wait until dessert to begin a gentle tirade about the importance of historic preservation.
  2. Attend one of the many fun and educational historic preservation programs taking place around the state. Nothing in your town? Start something!
  3. Take a young friend to visit a historic house museum in your area and enjoy seeing history through their eyes.
  4. Sign up for this year’s Listen Up! Historic Preservation Conference-you do not want to miss this!
  5. Send cards to your local historic preservation commission members thanking them for their hard work and service to your community.
  6. Peruse MHT’s fabulous new website,
  7. Shop downtown (easy one!).
  8. Host your own preservation film festival (RIP Bob Hoskins). Even better, start a preservation film festival at one of Mississippi’s beautiful historic theaters (sign me up for that committee!).
  9. Give your town a gift membership to the Mississippi Heritage Trust, as Marion Neill recently did for the City of Hollandale.
  10. Take a walk through a historic cemetery and give thanks to all the people who helped build Mississippi’s beautiful and treasured historic places.

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  1. If you are unfamiliar with the association between the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit and preservation, Google “Red Car Conspiracy” and read about the company National City Lines who oversaw the switch from street cars to buses in many U.S. cities, including Jackson from 1939-1966.


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