Victory Lap!

Taborian 1

It is tremendously rewarding to see a historic building that was once listed as endangered come back from neglect and decay.  Those of you who live in the Delta have been watching the progress on the restoration of the Taborian Hospital with anticipation,  eager to see the finished project.  Well, the wait is almost over.  On April 4-6, the town of Mound Bayou will cut the ribbon on the newly restored Taborian Urgent Care Center.  What an exciting moment for preservation in Mississippi!

Invitation to TUCC Event

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  1. Milburn Crowe would be so proud! Here’s to his memory and passion for Mound Bayou and the foundation he laid for this moment.


  2. Excellent!


  3. Wonderful news. I did some research on Mound Bayou while in graduate school.


  4. I was in Mound Bayou last week – this site is really looking great!


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