Around the Mississippi Blogosphere

It’s been a while since MissPres toured the local blogs to see what is happening in the state, so since I am on travel delay for the time being, I thought a virtual trip to see what’s going on might be fun.  Here’s a smattering of what’s happening out there:

I’ve been enjoying the posts at the blog Between the Gate Posts, a site dedicated to preserving African American family history.  Recent posts include a book out on researching your African American ancestors, as well as some of the author’s visits to near-by communities, including country churches in Learned, and the old country store in Learned.

Another must read for me these days is Hickory Ridge Studio, where you can visit cool old Mississippi places, and learn to cook or sew or make jewelry when you are not visiting cool old Mississippi places.

Urban Decay has been out visiting Mississippi places, and also stopped by Learned with a visit to the country store, checks in for church in Rodney, takes us on a short tour of the cottages on Farmer Street in Vicksburg, and drops in on Kuhn Memorial Hospital.

Marty Kittrell has apparently giving up blogging but is posting his photographs on Facebook.  You can still catch a glimpse of some of his beautiful Mississippi area photographs, including historic places, so drop on by his Facebook site.

Over on Find Your True South, the latest historical marker for the Freedom Trail series is profiled.

Lottabusha County Chronicles stops off in Taylor and Water Valley–the last of my travels for a bit, but I will be back on the road soon.  Til next time, ya’ll!

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  1. I really enjoyed this post, and after I’d clicked through all the interesting links above, I realized over an hour had evaporated. THANKS! Totally absorbing.


  2. Thanks for including me! Appreciated as always!


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