Preservation Is Always In Style

Paige Adoue shows off the fabulous Iron Horse T.

Paige Adoue shows off the Iron Horse T.

On a recent trip to Jackson, I was introduced to the wacky and wonderful world of CHANE T-shirts. Not being from that part of the state, I don’t understand some of the slogans (Brandon versus Pearl?), but the preservation of Mississippi’s architectural heritage is definitely a theme I get, and many of these quirky creations will resonate with the “please don’t tear it down” crowd. I can’t wait until it warms up a bit (please, please) so I can wear my “Sun and Sand Motor Hotel– Save Me” T. To shop for your spring preservation wardrobe, stop by the Swell-O-Phonic store at 2906 North State Street, Suite 103 in Fondren or visit for a more modest selection of CHANE’s fun, wearable art.

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  1. Link for does not work.


    • Well, my link works but yours does not! HA. I didn’t type the http stuff. I just typed the www stuff and the page automatically made the full link which works so we are GOOD!


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