New Deal: Randolph Vocational Building

Randolph school

The Randolph school’s vocational building was constructed by the National Youth Administration in 1939 during expansion of the school complex (Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Historic Resources Inventory database).  A teacher’s house was also constructed, and is located behind the former vocational building.  The school closed in 1972 and the building was demolished in 2009.  Fortunately, the vocational building was spared and in recent years has served as the community center.

A young Elvis Presley played at least 3 times at the Randolph High School, twice in 1955 and once in 1956.  February 1, 1955, Presley appeared with

…local singer Bud Deckelman of ‘Daydreamin’ fame. (Guralnick & Jorgenson, 1999)

The mascot for the school was a Rambler, illustrated by the drawing of a tramp carrying his pack on a stick.  I guess that is better than okra.

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  1. What school was this, and where?


  2. Any information about the stone used on the exterior?



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