Merci Train Car Update

Back in June 2011 we shared some pictures of the French 40 & 8 (aka the Merci) Car being moved from behind the War Memorial & Old Capitol to its new home nearby, beside the GM&O Depot.

Earlier this week, our friends at MDAH held a dedication for the completed project.  In attendance were members of Mississippi’s 40 & 8 society and several World War II veterans. Also in attendance were former Governor William Winter as well as the Honorary Consul of France to the state of Mississippi, Keltoum Rowland.

As with the train car move – our friends at MDAH shared some photos from the proceedings.

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5 replies

  1. What is the old GM&O Depot used fo now?


  2. This is wonderful and so reminds me of my father.


  3. Awesome. I do like them. The idea of Your blog is great! Man needs different blogs and Your are in that list. I am presenting unknown Finland. For example You have never heard about our historical wooden Poor-man statues. When looking at my blog, then You’ll get small idea.

    Happy blogging!


  4. Great move by the MDAH (npi). The Merci Car once sat next to the walkway to the State Fairground and was viewed by tens of thousands through the years until the Fairground entrance was moved to High Street Since then I have watched it deteriorate through the decades and am glad to know that now it will be there for future generations.


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