Construction at the Governor’s Mansion

According to the MDAH website, the Governor’s Mansion (1839-42, William Nichols) will be closed to tours from April through August as it undergoes some needed infrastrastructure upgrades.

The Mississippi Governor’s Mansion is in the midst of a project to help preserve the century-and-a-half-old building and its fine art, antique furniture, and historic furnishings. A fire suppression system and new heating and cooling system are being installed to protect the Mississippi Landmark structure and its contents from damages by fluctuations in humidity and temperature.

Work began in January in areas used only by staff, but the regular public tours of the historic building will be suspended April through August as construction moves to those sections.

“This work is not glamorous, but it is necessary for the preservation of the mansion and its furnishings,” said Lauren Miller, mansion curator. “We regret that we won’t be able to offer tours in the spring and summer, but this work will maintain the mansion for generations to come.”

The existing HVAC system is forty years old and inefficient by modern standards, and the new equipment is projected to cost less to operate. The complete replacement will include the installation of new ductwork and registers.

Visitors are unlikely to notice many changes to the mansion. The fire suppression system boasts a low profile, with only the sprinkler heads being visible in the ceiling.


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3 replies

  1. This is good news! Thank goodness the repair costs were approved.


  2. I am very pleased to hear this. A treasure that must be preserved and maintained in order for future generations to appreciate it.


  3. I found your wonderful site while saving pictures of your beautiful Govenor’s Mansion on Pinterest. I am so happy that preservation has been undertaken.


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