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As we continue to refine our new look, would you make a commitment of five seconds or less to answer our little poll? Thank you kindly!

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  1. I hate to say anything because I know that this site is a labor of love but… I’m finding the new format kind of busy and hard to focus on what’s new and what’s old. Too many notes! This is however, just my personal observation. I love this site and live for new posts, greedily reading them once and then going back again for a second helping. Whatever format you use, I am still your number one fan!


    • Thank you for the comment, you don’t have to hate it. Feedback is the only way we can make the site as useful and enjoyable as possible. I am glad you love the site. Do you have a favorite post or topic?


      • I’m sure that I’ll get oriented evetually. I’m really enjoying Deupree’s Historic Homes and miss the architectural word of the week. Keep up the good work!


        • Oh good, Thanks! I had hoped to diverge from architecture to preservation words this year but preservation is a lot harder topic to put an arrow on a photo and say what is going on there. But I’ve gotten some good requests for words recently that will be posted in the next couple weeks. If you ever have a word request send me a labeled photo to Thomasrosell @


    • Negative comments are very helpful! We don’t take it personally!


    • The theory on this format is that everything on the front page is relatively new automatically, whereas in the old way we had to update it ourselves. But I do see your point that new posts don’t always get sent to the top of the page in the new format. Some of them get sent to the side, which allows more new posts to show up but they aren’t in order like they used to be.


    • When you say too many notes, are you referring to the stuff off to the sides?


      • I’m a graphic designer by trade so I tend to like to simplify things. The three column format just feels like there is too much competing for my eyes at one time. The information in the left column seems not important enough to warrant such prominent placement. Not to diminish the importance of your knowledgable contributors, but they are credited on their respective articles and could be so at the bottom of the main page or on a seperate page. Recent comments? Personally I could care less most of the time and definitely would put that under a drop box, certainly not so prominently located. The right column has more topical info but would compete with the center column less if it were reversed like the left column is now. These are just my thoughts – I’m not the one putting in the time to do this work so please remember that this is just one persons opinion!


        • Some things we can change, but some things we’re at the mercy of WordPress and its offerings. I’ve moved a few things down to the bottom, but the Recent Comments are the place I always check in on when I visit the blog, so those are there as much for me as for anyone else. This new format allows us some flexibility, but it’s not our design. It’s one offered by WordPress that we’ve chosen to see if it fits our needs. If it doesn’t, I think we can turn it in after 30 days and get our money back.


        • Drew, can I assume you’re referring here to the view on individual posts, rather than the view you see when you are on the Front Page (


  2. I like the new format okay. I love the comments and learn alot from them. I am just an old lady interested in your coverage of places, people, and sites I cannot visit ever or again. This site so far is very viewable to me, a non professional. Either way, I will remain an ardent participant. Thank you .


  3. A good example of how a page can be clean yet still convey a good deal of information is the Preservation Nation website:


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