Time for a Change

Over the weekend, we’re going to be fiddling around behind the scenes here on MissPres hopefully to bring a new look to the blog. Back when we switched to this format in 2011, we wanted to create a site that not only brought new content on our regular schedule but that also allowed us to highlight previous posts that new readers might find interesting, or longtime readers might want to revisit. But we did get some complaints about the blog’s new posts not being easily readable by scrolling down the screen, as with a traditional blog. With our new format, we hope to combine the “magazine” feel of the current look, while reconnecting with our blogging roots to allow you to scroll down and easily read the latest four or five posts without having to click and click. The new format will also be better suited to the many mobile devices that you are using, which I hope we will all appreciate, and as a bonus, the home page will be less cluttered.

Those of you who are e-mail subscribers will not see many substantive changes, since when you click on the link to the latest post, it will take you to the that individual post as usual. Our home page (misspreservation.com) will be the biggest change, and once you’re done reading your individual post, you can click over there to see what other posts you might have missed. We hope you like what we’ve done with the place, but as with previous changes, if you hate it, don’t mince words, go ahead and comment below. Since this is a Mississippi blog, please preface your negative remarks with polite Mississippi phrases such as “Bless your hearts” and be sure to be specific about what you miss, because we may be able to fix that within the new framework. Bear with us over the next week as we get our bearings and know that even if we aren’t posting every day, we are fiddling around in the background to make the old wine fit in the new bottle.

I’m posting a couple pictures of what the blog looks like now, so that when you read this in the new format, you’ll be able to compare and remember.



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  1. Very nice! Thank you so much for all the love, devotion and most of all the time you put into bringing us beautiful photos and interesting things to read about in our beautiful Mississippi and other places too!


  2. I think it will be wonderful and we will adapt. Even at 70, I have to adapt to changes everyday.Maybe that helps me stay viable…. Looking forward to it. Bravo for such a terrific job always.


  3. Great looking design here! Nice job!


  4. I like that the upcoming events now show up on the left side.


  5. That is a nifty new feature! I have noticed on my iPad that the left sidebar doesn’t show up at all, so I’m hesitant to put anything that is absolutely necessary over there now. I had put the Recent Comments to the left because on regular computers, that sidebar is on both the front page and the individual posts, but if it doesn’t show up at all on mobile devices, that might be a problem.


  6. I may have missed this, but has any consideration been given to adding a Facebook group? Your new format does have a place to like or share to Facebook, and at first glance your new proposed page looks a lot like one of the better Facebook group sites I receive notifications from.


    • I have considered it, enough to reserve the name on Facebook, but I’ve never pulled the trigger because I don’t like the idea of having two different conversations going on. If there were a way to just use it to announce new posts since some people use FB instead of email, then I would be open to that, but I don’t think we’ll be making a full-scale switch to FB.


  7. It looks great! Still adjusting a little to where some things have moved, but that’s typical when things change. In a nutshell – no complaints from me!


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