More Springtime Events for Your Consideration

This will be a light week on MissPres since we’ve all decided to take a little Spring Break of our own. But I wanted to keep our events calendar up to date so y’all wouldn’t miss a beat after things get back up and running in the next week or so. I got this e-mail about upcoming talks in MDAH’s History Is Lunch series in downtown Jackson. Maybe one of these will catch your fancy?

Wednesday, March 13: MDAH Historic Preservation Division director Jim Woodrick will talk about Jackson during the Civil War as part of the “Capital City Chronicles” series in March.

Jackson, as the state capital, was the target of several Union
expeditions during the Civil War and was occupied four different times over a two-year period. During his presentation, historian Jim Woodrick will give an overview of Jackson’s wartime experience, focusing particularly on the Union and Confederate officers who led the armies in the field.

Upcoming programs:

Tuesday, March 19: Special History Is Lunch.
Vladimir Alexandrov will discuss and sign copies of his new book, “The Black Russian,” a biography of Frederick Bruce Thomas, an almost completely forgotten African American who was born to former slaves in Mississippi in 1872 and went on to become a millionaire impresario in pre-Revolutionary Moscow and was the first to bring jazz to Constantinople. WINTER BUILDING

March 20: Forrest Lamar Cooper will show and discuss some of the many postcards of Jackson from his collection as part of the “Capital City Chronicles” series in March. OLD CAPITOL MUSEUM

I’ve added them to our already busy MissPres calendar.

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  1. I’ve read The Black Russian and would be front row and center for the author’s comments March 19 if I didn’t live hundreds of miles away. Fascinating book…and I’ll bet it will be a great discussion with the author.
    Noel Workman


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