Truman’s White House Renovation

It’s become popular Hollywood sport to show the destruction of the White House in almost every disaster movie. But check out these real life photographs from the National Archives of the gutted building during the Truman renovation in 1950. Be warned, when I say “gutted,” I mean gutted. These pictures make you question  all that about “this president sat here and walked these floors.”


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  1. Talk about an amazing extreme home makeover. The project manager did a great job! And, the workers too. I don’t know how anyone in there, including the president, stood the noise and dust. Thank you for the link to see more.


  2. Very interesting. Anymore pictures of the renovations or story on why they were gutting the White House


  3. Ive seen some of the photos before but many of them are new to me. The article sheds some light on what was going on. The subtitle “To save it, everything had to go.” sounds like the Frank Melton approach to historic preservation. :)



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