MissPres Architectural Word of the Week: ZigZag Molding

This is our last MissPres Architectural Word of the Week for 2012!  Whether you are crying tears of sadness or joy you can check out any previous words here. As always our example photographs come from the MDAH Historic Resources Database.

This week’s word is brought to you by the letter Z as defined by Cyril M. Harris’s Dictionary of Architecture and Construction.

ZigZag Molding: ( ˈzig-ˌzag ˈmōl-diŋ) An ornamental molding of continued chevrons

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ZigZag Molding is some times identified by the fancy term “dancette”.  Our examples are Art Deco, but Zigzag Moldings can sometimes be found in other styles, such as our Romanesque example; the Oxford First Presbyterian Church.  Do you have a favorite building in Mississippi that sports ZigZag Molding?    If so please share.  I know there are other structures out there that sport ZigZag Molding, so have yourself a photo-scavenger hunt and upload your findings to the Preservation in Mississippi Flickr page.

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  1. Is it possible we have reached Z already?


  2. Thank you-as a total novice, I certainly enjoyed this as well as learned alot. I may not totally remember all but certainly see things now I did not notice before. Love these examples above. I have referred alot of friends to your site. Thanks again for ALL the interesting subjects. I especially was thrilled with the Lakeview Motel on old Hwy 80 in Brandon’s postcard. That is a very real piece of my childhood in Rankin County (rural between Pearl and Brandon). Also the Brumfield’s in Pascagoula. Moved there in 1967 and loved that quaint downtown. Worked for Port of Pascagoula and ate lunch most days in Palace Pharmacy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


    • I’m glad you’ve enjoyed, and learned from, this series. Also thank you for referring friends to misspreservation.com. My thoughts behind the series is that helping folks better understand the buildings they see can help with understanding as to why preservation is important.
      Thank you for sharing your memories with us. It’s always good to read the personal connection other folks have with the structures we write about. With out those stories these buildings are often just bricks and wood.


  3. Great article! Does anyone know the history behind the airplanes on the Hattiesburg PO? Thanks



  1. Updating two MissPres Architectural Word of the Week « Preservation in Mississippi

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