Before and After: Hilton Hotel, Jackson

I’m not sure what architectural style the old Jackson Hilton, built sometime in the 1970s (?) on North State Street would have been called, but all of its style–whatever it was–is gone gone gone today in its current incarnation as the Mississippi Department of Human Services. They could have at least kept the cheeky “H” roof sign for “Human.” I’m tempted to throw a “bless its heart” its way.

THE JACKSON HILTON, 750 North State Street, Jackson, Ms, 39201. Jackson’s finest hotel located just minutes from the State Capitol, State Office Buildings, Coliseum, and Trade Mart. Swimming Pool, Cable T.V., Home Box Office Movies, Coffee Shop, Dining Room, and Cocktail Lounge.

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  1. It seems to have elements of New Formalism, and the time would be about right.


  2. That seems to be the best label for it. I stayed here just days after it was de-Hiltoned, and later when it was a Sheraton. Yes, the jaunty features of this building have been replaced with the blandness of a stick of gum.


  3. How ’bout that house just south of it? What’s the history there?


  4. Forget the Hilton and the house, how about that adorable tiny mid-century building to the north? I know it’s an architect’s office now, but what is its history?


    • Yes, today it’s the office WFT Architects, and in speaking with them they indicated it was originally an architect’s office, for (maybe) Spain and Biggers? It was a while ago and I meant to look it up in the city directory but forgot. The great door is a WFT addition, and a nice one I think.


  5. It looks a little NewOrleans-y with a touch of Vegas dazzle silliness, but primarily its appearance says “I’m new and shiny and here!”


  6. It does look as though the house on the right is gone.


  7. The cheeky “H” was removed before DHS came in. It was a Sheraton Regency for a while after it was a Hilton. Then it sat vacant and crumbling until the state re-did it.


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