Round the Blogosphere 3-29-2012

Time for a rare almost mid-week, not-quite Friday roundup of interesting blog posts. Our Mississippi bloggers have been taking advantage of the nice weather lately to get out and peek into corners and out of the way places, and I wanted to bring some of their posts to your attention before they got away from me.

First, there’s a new Mississippi-history blog you might want to subscribe to: “And Speaking of Which . . .” by Jim Woodrick of Ridgeland. Posts cover a wide variety of Mississippiana (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a post but am not sure that’s the correct usage), but a number so far have had an architectural or design-related focus. Here’s a sampling of recent posts you might find particularly interesting, as I did:

Our old friend and intrepid explorer Suzassippi has been out and about, and has started a second blog with a header that I admit to coveting. This one is devoted specifically to some of her out-of-the-way architectural finds:

And on Suzassippi’s Lottabusha County Chronicles, several sites in and around Natchez, including a few on our 101 Places list:

Marty Kittrell has also been out and has made his annual pilgrimage to the rusting remains of the Sprague, which as you remember lay near the Mississippi River. In Save the Sprague he invites others who wish to join him in his efforts to preserve these remains to contact him.

And once again I am making an appeal to anyone who will listen that we need to save the Sprague. More specifically, I think we need to save the sternwheel, which is the first photo in this album and the smokestacks. I can just picture the sternwheel rebuilt and placed in a shallow pool near the Transportation Museum. . . . Thieves, I understand, have already started stealing some of the Sprague to sell as scrap. I cannot stand, however, to see her just rust away. Who will help me?

The Sprague in 1971, photo courtesy MDAH

Kodachromeguy has been traveling mostly around the Delta but takes a detour to see one of our old friends here on MissPres, the Carpenter School, which we last saw in “Hey, Haven’t I Seen You Before?

The new-to-me Old House Dreams blog, which highlights historic houses for sale around the country, has posted two Mississippi houses this month, one in Hattiesburg and another in Pontotoc. Whether you’re in the market or not, there’s a lot to learn from the information provided and the photos in these posts:

Not a Mississippi blog, but one that I’ve added to my Google Reader lately is the OldHouseGuy blog. His posts are geared toward the technical details of how to renovate and maintain a historic or even just an older house. By turning a critical eye on actual renovation projects, his posts help members of historic preservation commissions have a better understanding of best practices and reasons for them. For instance,

Have fun picking a few or all of the above and spending a few minutes reading what others are seeing and doing out in the Magnolia State and beyond!

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