The MissPres 101 Places Map!

Well, as usual it took me a little longer than I had promised, and I only got it done with help from reader and fellow blogger Tom Freeland, but here at long last is the Official MissPres 101 Places to See Before You Die Map.

Since it’s Friday, feel free to spend some time wandering the state virtually and planning your next trip! I do recommend viewing the larger Google map if you really want to browse.

In case you want to look at the final list, again, here it is.

The map does highlight some big gaps in coverage of the state. For instance, one of my favorite towns, Lexington, is left out in the cold entirely; and as Tom Freeland pointed out, the Neshoba County Fairgrounds would go a long way toward filling in that area northwest of Meridian.

Also, since it was requested, click here for a list of the 328 properties included in the 11 polls we took to achieve the final list, in order by the total votes for each. As I mentioned in my analysis of the list, while going strictly by total votes for each property may seem like the fairest way to approach this list, when viewed by the percentages within each poll, the issue becomes more complex. Our final list weights the total votes heavily but also tries to achieve balance so that the list includes properties from all regions.

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4 replies

  1. i like the long list and i like that you keep your promises. surprising that nothing in laurel is on the map. thanks very!


  2. Thank you and Mr. Freeland! The best thing about this web site is something interesting every day. I greatly appreciate all the work that goes into making this happen. The best part of waking up used to be the Folger’s in my cup, but now I have two very enjoyable early morning activites :) Cool to mouse over the blue thingees and see what’s under them. Great job!!!


  3. Wonderful map. I do think there are many places left unlisted, but there’s time to add more. I would like to be able to copy the map with a side bar listing the places. Great job on everyone’s part.


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