Interesting Mississippi-related Blog Posts

If you can get past the title, the Curator of Shit blog has several interesting Mississipp-related posts, ranging from “The Glorious Evolution of Messeur Elisaeus von Seutter’s Pleasure Grounds at Ivy Cottage, Jackson, Mississippi,” to “A typical early 20th century African American urban street, Jackson, Mississippi,” to “Pre-FEMA Trailers, Thisildu, Hurricane of 1947, Mississippi.” To find other Mississippi-related posts, do a search on the blog for “Mississippi.”

Categories: Historic Preservation

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  1. Very interesting blog indeed!


  2. I can’t decide if I want to thank you for introducing me to the above mentioned blog or not. It is so chock-full of interesting things to read and see that I will never get to what I really need to be doing. Have a terrible time sticking to my alotted time to be at the computer. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about Ivy Cottage and seeing all the great photos of the von Seutters and their home once located at 935 N State Street that is now a bank PARKING LOT! Grrrrrrrrrr


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