Merry Christmas 2011

(Old) U.S. Post Office, Courthouse, and Customhouse.

The current Biloxi City Hall was built as the U.S. Federal Building in 1905-08.  The city acquired the building from the federal government in 1960 after the New Federal Building in Biloxi was completed.  In my opinion it is the best edifice constructed of marble in the State, and also one of the State’s best existing and unaltered Neoclassical Revival style buildings.

Currently cross from Biloxi City Hall, one of our State’s most recognizable historic structures has been recreated in holiday lights.

2011 Replica Biloxi Lighthouse Holiday Display.

The Biloxi Lighthouse was built by the federal government in 1848.  The U.S. Coast Guard deeded the lighthouse to the City of Biloxi in 1968.

You can read more about these and may other historic structures in Mississippi at the MDAH Historic Resource Inventory Database.  You can even view these two structures National Register Applications, which is pretty cool!

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  1. Oh My Goodness!!! This is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for posting. What in tarnation are those 5 grey things above the entablature? Satellite dishes?

    p.s. Love the snow falling in the background on all the posts since Christmas season began. :)


  2. “Tarnation” is a word I don’t see much anymore but is the best word for those floodlights or whatever they are. :-)

    Merry Christmas, y’all!


  3. They are spotlights! which illuminate the building and the former site of the library at night, but look bad in the day light. I tried to Photoshop them out of the image with not much success.

    Wish I could take credit for the snow across the page but powers greater than I are responsible. :-D


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