101 Places: Piney Woods Poll Results

I hope y’all had an enjoyable and relaxing Thanksgiving and most of all that you avoided the so-called Black Friday scourge and in any context did not get pepper-sprayed.

I myself had a few minutes to think this weekend, and all the sudden I realized that I forgot to run the Piney Woods poll results last week. Memory is the first thing to go, or at least I think that’s what I heard one time . . .

Anyway, here they are. I was happy to see the John Ford House from Mississippi’s pioneer period pull out in front, followed very closely by the wonderfully Art Deco Hattiesburg P.O. and Saenger Theater. Either due to voter inattention so close to the holidays or voter apathy, Piney Woods set a new low for total votes, with 335, four below the 339 of the Central region.

Only one more poll to go (Jackson) before we can run the numbers (I’ve got a real live statistician interested in doing this–says it will be a snap) and publish the final list of 101 Mississippi Places to See Before You Die!

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  1. Natchez District in this group I attempted to view the Poplar Hill School the link is broken can this be repaired for viewing?


  2. ok, guys, y’all have done an exceptional job of putting together an absolutely fabulous list of the most interesting and historic places in our beautiful magnolia state for the final list of the 101 places, but I MUST take issue with the fact that the preliminary list had 4 or more listings for my beloved Laurel, MS and the FINAL list had NO places there on the list! Laurel certainly deserves at LEAST one on the list, be it the magnificent Lauren-Rogers Museum of Art or the Stuart M. Jones Junior High (which burned partially a few years ago) or the gorgeous Eastman-Gardiner Lumber Co building or the railroad depot or the city hall. I am a life-long resident of the Pine-Belt and feel that we were quite slighted in this endevour! Jones County deserves at the very least one place of interest, we have SO many, on this wonderful list. COme on down and visit and you’ll see that we have as much, if not more, places of archectural interest as any other place in our great state.


    • I agree with you that Laurel has some great buildings, but the Piney Woods poll got very few votes overall, and the Laurel entries were low even in that poll, so there was no way they would show up in the final list of 101. It wasn’t a scientific poll, but this is the best we could do!


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