Preserving Ranch Houses

Although not really a new concept in the preservation world, the interest in preserving ranch houses and other mid-century buildings caught the attention of the Wall Street Journal in “Plain, Common . . . and Historic?.”

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  1. Unfortunately for a paper of this size and influence, the editors didn’t fact-check the inaccurate statement that once a building is listed on the National Register, no changes can occur without the permission of the National Park Service.


  2. Cities require the preservation of a mix of houses, not just antebellum homes. Ranch subdivisions offer large sprawling yards, no stairs to climb, wonderful spacing among and between neighboring homes and relatively low maintenance. They are darling. Just drive through Coral Gables and spot hundreds of deliberately non-updated ranch homes with awning windows that are worth a fortune. I wouldn’t get rid of my rancher for anything and our little street should be preserved as it is charming and a short walk to the beach.


    tommy ardoline
    Biloxi, MS


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