Christmas Decorations: New Capitol

Since none of us actually want to work on blog posts this week, and I assume most of the MissPres universe is off cooking or wrapping or sipping hot chocolate, let’s take a little tour around some of our favorite buildings in downtown Jackson and see how they’re decked out for Christmas.

While you’re enjoying your holidays, don’t forget to add new places to the 101 Places to See in Mississippi list. After the new year, we’ll get back to that list and start winnowing it down to the core 101.

Categories: Cool Old Places, Jackson, Mississippi Landmarks

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  1. Thanks for the Christmas cheer! Love the snow!


  2. It’s so cool that you made it snow on the page! Of course, the decorations are cool too (and even better in person)


  3. I am trying to found out about a very old sheetrock label for gypsolite wallboard made by U.S. Gypsum and Lime company that I found in a 100+ yr old house in Garden City, TX. I googled it and found an article posted by EL Malveny that said he had a friend who knew about old sheetrock, he may be interrested in having this old label. If someone would get back to me, I would love to learn more. Thanks,
    Justin Heflin


    • Justin,
      I would be happy to try and answer any Sheetrock questions you have.
      Texas has large gypsum deposits in the north and west parts of the state so it would have been a natural place to start a gypsum board plant. Garden City would be smack between the two deposits. I only found two gypsum plants (Acme Cement Plaster Co.& American Cement Plaster Co.) operating as of 1906, both in Acme TX, but nothing about them specifically producing a Sheetrock material.
      Please feel free to email me at


  4. Now I see the snow–very cool! Love the New Capitol pictures!


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